Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013!

This year will be transformational!  That is to say, I will resume my weight-loss programme.  I started around May or June 2012 I think and lost about 4 st 7lb in not very long - I was impressed.  then I sort of sat on my success until I went on hols to America for nearly three weeks and came back a stone heavier which depressed me so I ate a bit and now I am only 2st 7lb down on my start point.  Still not bad, but what a waste of all that good work, so I need to start all over again.  I used a calorie counting app called "Myfitnesspal" which is completely brilliant, and so easy to use.

I also have the Wainrights to complete before July 26th when I am fifty!  I am currently on 108/214, so plenty to do, but I have permission from the "management" to do as much walking as I like once I have decorated the spare room, so its a rush to complete that and I'll be off, up up up!

This year I plan to take my doggies camping as I love walking with them, and they adore the mountains, but will need to camp out if I am to cover all the Wainrights in time - needing to get back down the mountain to reach a guest house will rob me of valuable peakbagging with so little time left.  But the look, smell and mess of wet, muddy doggies is not pleasant in a small tent.  I have a Terra Nova 1-man tent which will be awful in this scenario, so I plan to get a tarp.  I am eyeing the MLD Trailstar which is huge and can accommodate me and two doggies easily, without them needing to be all over me.  Its not great in midgey weather though, so its the tent again if the midges attack in July - still, by them it should be a lot drier, and the doggies might not be such a prob in the little tent when its dry.  We'll see.

Lastly, for this post, I now have a smartphone that does my GPS, so will be recording all my local doggy walking.  I won't write reports on such banality, but it will be worth jotting down the miles to remind me of my year's modest mileage when we get to the end of 2013.  I'm hoping my occasional reports for proper walks, which seem to attract compliments will become more frequent.  I think I have one or maybe two followers, so I would like to get up to ten if I can!!  Woo hoo!

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