Thursday, 2 July 2009

Don't put off till tomorrow....

She who must be obeyed has issued demands to take her to Liverpool this weekend so she can visit honourable number one stepson, who is a PhD student studying Nuclear Physics (I'm not kidding, clever little sod - took me by surprise when he casually announced he was going to become a genius), and works off and on at Sellafield. Of course this means I can drop her off early Saturday and pick her up Sunday tea time, affording me the opportunity to have a mucky weekend with her sister. Sadly, previous attempts to abscond with siblings-in-law have come to tears (generally of disbelieving laughter) so I guess I'll plan another walking weekend in t'Lakes.

I have this theory that Wainright baggers get about 75% through the list of 214, to suddenly realise the last 25% will take twice as long as all the time they've put in so far. This is because you have to go back to places you've already been and complete what I call the "Oughts". The little uninteresting ones that you "ought" to have gone that extra mile for. On my last walk I skipped Kirk Fell, and I suppose I could have done Haycock. Haycock is OK to miss on a Mosedale round because it can be part of a Western Wasdale set separately. But Kirk Fell is now a thorn in my flesh because I've done everything round it, including Gable, so the only way its going to get done is a special trip to do just that top alone. I've been knocking off four or five at a time each trip, and I know that sometime next year when I get to 75%, I'm suddenly going to think "Bugger, I've got to go back to Hellvelyn to do Catsycam", (this is sadly true).

I'm now thinking of publishing a list of "Oughts" as an appendix to Wainright's pictorial guides, although, I have to confess, there's one of the volumes that I think is nearly all "oughts" and seems to be a contractual obligation volume almost. Perhaps that's not fair now I've said it. Some ridge warriors might argue that Castle Crag is a tiddler hardly worth doing, but actually its a lovely rock with a beautiful feel and view - one of my favourites. I took one of my favourite pics on my last walk to Castle Crag, in the valley below. Well, wherever I end up, I guess it'll appear on here sometime.

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