Monday, 29 June 2009

Has it come to this?

Oh Lord! So now I'm a blogger - I held out for so long but in the end the inane drivel I feel the need to write on various forums (fora?) compelled me to do this. I reckon a blog is only a fancy diary anyway, so I can write what I want and kinda leave it lying around so to speak in case anyone wants to have a look. Blogs have that extra insurance of "If you don't like what I say you shouldn't have come to my blog" - hopefully I won't offend anyone too much.

Most of what I put up here will be about walking I think, but you never know when my favourate walking forum seems to have flipped into collective grieving for Michael Jackson, and the rest of the country is still grinding its teeth about MPs expenses.

MPs expenses - a dog bites man story if ever I heard one. These desperate little hacks have made a scandal out of nearly nothing. I heard a stat the other day. The sum total of all expenses claimed last year by MPs (legitimate or otherwise, the expenses that is, not the MPs) amounted to less than the charges for all UK text messages in the first minute after midnight on new years eve 2008. Admittedly its a busy minute, but sheesh! What a lot of nonsense. Was it Oscar Wilde who said "When faced with temptation I invariably yield to it" or summat like that. On the other hand, a duck island is just asking for trouble really. I wonder if I would claim for a new fancy sleeping bag or tent on my business exes if I thought it'd get through. Actually, that's a falsehood. I don't wonder at all - I know I'd claim it!

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